Monday, April 6, 2009

Patience is a Virture

As I may have mentioned, I had plans to go to an auction this past Saturday. I did go, in fact. It was a very unusual day, though. Nothing went really smoothly. I had to bring my son along. He's such a good sport, he didn't complain. His baseball team scheduled a last minute practice near the auction site (thank you!)

Now I've expressed my love of box lots. Luckily, this particular auctioneer (Wears Auctioneering) does the box lots first thing. I had planned on staying for those. Then, and after the first hour I would leave to leave to take him to the diamond. I returned to the auction and I bid on a few items but nothing I couldn't live without. So, it's several hours later and I'm still empty-handed.

After baseball practice I return to the auction (son in tow.) They are close enough to finishing that I make him stay while I wait to bid on a few items. Five hours into the auction I score my first item. FINALLY! Normally I would have left long ago. However, with baseball season looming I know my auction jaunts will few. So, my big purchase? This basket purse. A short while later, I end up with a flat of linens. I was happy to finally get something and something I had more than a slight interest in.

So, once I get home I have to find a spot for my new lovely. This is where it ended up. On my stacked benches. I might add, I made all these benches except the black one. Yes, me, not my hubby, me. Several years ago my aunt and uncle were tearing out some barn board and asked if I wanted it. YES PLEASE! If only I could have some more!The stuffed animals are a favorite of mine. I found them about a year ago at a flea market. If you want to see the other items close up, just click on the pic!

I will try and get those linens clean and post them soon. It's going to be a job! There is rust on my favorite! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Tree

I had no idea when started my second blog it would take me so long to get to another post! I haven't been to any auctions since the last entry, although there is one this Saturday. So, I hope it's a good one. I'm feeling deprived! I'll take some pity, please! Anyway, I am fulfilling the "made" portion of my blog namesake with todays offering.
This is my "not so little" Easter tree! Every year the kids and I head to my parents house and find a large shrub to prune so we can have a tree. This year my dad had just trimmed all the lower branches off the trees, so we had a good selection. They are never perfectly shaped, but we're OK with that. This one has a distinct curve to one side. If I had put it in my usual spot it would have impeded the walkway! So, I put it up high at the dividing half-wall between my living room and kitchen. Everybody in the family got a vote and this got the thumbs up!
Most of my ornaments are recent store bought ones. However, this one with the scallop edge was made by me. I have a set of them, all different. I used orange juice can lids and all my yummy Stampin' Up papers. I like 'em!
My spring blocks are new this week. Boy, it took me forever to complete this project! Again, I used Stampin' Up patterned papers and recycled some craft-store wood blocks from a project years ago. My biggest challenge has been mastering my Cricket die cutting machine. I mounted these papers on chipboard, so they had a little more substance to them. I never read how to cut chipboard, so I had a few failures before I decided to read the manual!!! Then, I was trying to conserve paper by cutting my squares only a 1/4" large than my final finished size. Big mistake because I am not proficient at centering the cursor on the Cricket. Once again, I had many mistakes! However, it is done now and I am glad, glad, glad! So, what do you think?