Friday, April 10, 2015

Doll Quilts...Two by Two

I have something to share today!  A few months back I volunteered to make some dolls quilts for a niece's American Girl dolls.  Her daddy (my brother-in-law) made her a bunk bed and it turned out very cute but those dollies were using towels for bedding.  Her birthday isn't for another couple months but I am sending them early.  The only request was for pink!  After contemplation I decided it was best to go with simple checkerboard made with lots (not all) of reproduction prints.  I am just about tapped on pink fabric now that my own daughter is 17 and no longer cares for pink!  So getting a "scrappy" look took some careful planning!  I hope sure she likes them.

This isn't my only recent sewing project.  I have a dress to daughter's prom dress.  Prom is tomorrow night, so HOPEFULLY she will let me take some pics and I don't choke taking them!  I'm sure I'll only get a few chances!  With any luck I will share here, so stay tuned!