Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quickie Post with Some Halloween Decor to Share

I know I have been away for a LONG time.  Over two months!  I lost all motivation to blog.  Both reading and posting.  Recently I had begun to think about coming back, slowly.  Well, I got this post from the EHAG group (one of the few that still come to my inbox) and I was compelled to participate.  They are giving away some Halloween goodies in which I shared my favorite Halloween decoration.  The only project I've completed this fall became the obvious choice, so I figured it was necessary to show them!

Here's the pattern I started with.  Black Cats...Orange Pumpkins WSD #126 by Wooden Spool Designs

In the shop where I bought the pattern their samples were made up in white.  They caught my eye, obviously!  Love the ghosty white ones!

Of course, the orange are nice too!

I had a blast making these.  They were so easy because you construct the muslin base (I used a wool blend) then cut a slit where the face will go and stuff it!  Then, it's a simple matter of whip-stitching the face on!

I would like to finish these off with some wire tendrils and maybe some ripped green/brown strip around the spool.  Although they are pretty cute as-is!

So now that I'm back...maybe I'll get to posting a few more things before the holiday.  Just maybe!

In the meantime, done forget to check out the EHAG blog!