Monday, October 26, 2009

Takin' Hubby to the Auction....a Dangerous Thing!

This is what my kitchen island looked like when hubby and I returned from the auction on Saturday. He never comes with me, just not his thing. I'm sure it will be a LONG time before he comes again! When we left our vehicle was packed tight. I had to keep a couple boxes on my lap! Other than a dresser for my son and a nice primitive table, everything was a box lot. I have so much to show I'm going to break it up into a couple of posts. (And because I didn't post last week, there will be a couple items that I bought last Saturday.)From last Saturday, a pair of Lefton turkey salt & pepper's. I just had to have them!
A few years ago I thought, who collects this stuff? It's so gaudy! I admit it, I like it now! Just for fall, though. It has it's limits!
A celluloid Santa, again from last Saturday, I wasn't going to let him get away either! One more thing from last Saturday, a candy container Santa. I have a hard time buying Santa images usually....not this day!
Lots of garland dispersed among the box lots. Bits and pieces. Which do you think is older? The white or silver? The white is really stiff and it's shedding terribly, so that's my guess. I love 'em both! The gold....OK.
I've recently had an epiphany. I must collect glass bead garland to combat my husbands love a tinsel icicles! Last year I convinced him to let me put glittered hydrangea heads on the tree. It looked great, my daughter loved it, but messy, messy, messy!
This is how I decided to store the bead garland so it doesn't get tangled. Cottage cheese containers! I doubt I will put the lids on, I don't want any moisture to be trapped inside. How do you store yours?
A few ornaments on a plate with a piece of mercury glass in the center. I didn't see the pinecone until I came home and unpacked. I squealed when I saw it! Another fetish, I am so into pink balls right now! (That sounds a little funny?) I don't like pink that much, but not this year!
Now until I started reading Barbara's blog I would have thrown these away! Now I'm starting to see the value. Click on the pic to get a closer look!
This poor little angel! She's lost a wing. The chenille stem is off her base. I have no idea what she is suppose to be holding opposite the tree. I will do a little surgery on her....I hope she's better for it!
Just a cute glass glitter house ornament.

That's it for now! IF I make significant progress on my daughter's Halloween costume you will hear from me again....soon! I won't even bother to tell you her choice! I'd never heard of the guy, yes guy! Some video game character. Maybe I'll share when it's done!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long Overdue.....Hoosier!

This post is soooo overdue. I have many posts overdue.... so where do I begin? Since I promised Barbara some weeks ago I would post pictures of my great-grandmother's hoosier cabinet, that's where I will start. When I brought this home it was FILTHY! It had been stored in the basement and probably had not seen the light of day in a half a century! Apparently it was not cleaned before it when into the basement. The lower portion was covered in food spatters....YUCK! Being on there for years, it had permeated the paint. It was obvious I would have to repaint it. I was NOT looking forward to this! It sat in my garage for a month or better. I had to prepare myself for the task ahead.
I began sanding to prepare the surface for it's new coat of paint. Almost immediately I saw something appearing from under the last coat of paint. It was a motif! Similar to the design on the glass door. This was so exciting! I continued to carefully sand until it was completely visable. I traced the pattern to make a stencil. I would put them back in place and the end of the job. And this is how it turn out! I took a little artistic freedom and didn't put all the stencils back in the exact same place. In hindsight I wish I had kept with the original cream color. Or at least an antique white. The white goes great with the enamel top, but it's pretty bright! The flour bin on the left was long gone. So, I repeated the shelving from the right side to the left. One of the things I really like is the fabric lined shelves. I placed batting and fabric over pieces of cardboard made to fit each space. I brought the excess to the back and simply taped it in place. The batting made for a really snug fit.My displays are always a work in progress. I'm really tired of the refrigerator dishes but haven't found enough to replace them yet.

The glasses are Federal and came from my neighbors garage sale this summer!I love my Jadeite bowls, but don't have much to go with them. Plates at a recent auction went for $25 a piece! I'll have to pass at those prices! Maybe someday I'll find some nice pieces.....The chickens up top are another gift from my great-grandmother. She loved her chickens! I didn't know this 'til she passed but she named some of them. Their names written underneath. These are nameless, but they are the two I always remember seeing in her house. They are pretty big! I am so happy to have them!Wondering what's in the appliance "garage?" All my sherbets I got for a single a dollar! Score!And since Barbara let us peek inside's the inside of mine! Stuff!So, the last part of my story:

On the back of the cabinet was a manufacturer and model number. This company, Marsh Furniture Company, is still in business and they were so helpful! From their catalog in 1937, they sent me copies of the pages featuring my cabinet! Here it is:
The other pages pertained to features and options. My cabinet cost $38.00 seventy years ago. Matching chairs and a table were available. Someday maybe I'll find these canisters!

Thanks for sticking with me and reading such a LONG post! Until next time.......