Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Rednesday Valentine's

Welcome to another Rednesday! Did you come on over from Sue's blog? It's a Very Cherry World! I bet, so! Love Rednesday!Do you remember last week when I said I didn't have that many vintage Valentine's? Well, two days later I went to the antique shops with my friend, Cathy. We both collect vintage Valentine's but our tastes are totally different. She collects Whitney Mades. Well, we both did well that day! I came home with about a dozen and I think she did about the same! Maybe now would be a good time to mention I've never won a darn thing in the lottery!
I love the anthropomorphic veggies! I added a couple more baseball cuties! Plus, a few birds. My favorite among the birds is this flicker. Kind of unusual I think. My daughter loved it, too. So, I feel I am cultivating that love of vintage things with her.
While we are on the subject of my daughter. This Valentine reminds me of her. She loves her noodles....and plain just like the girl here! Of course she pointed out to me, she's not blonde! She is very much a stickler for details! Wonder where she gets that from?
So, I have this quilt..... you had to know I had another to share! This is my Raggy Heart quilt. It's one of those easy ones, just a matter of sewing the hearts on top, cutting them into quarters, then sewing them back together. The quilting is always the challenge! My machine quilting is best!So, what will become of me next Rednesday when Valentine's Day is over and the reds aren't as obvious? I actually have a REALLY good red to share if I can ever finish the little details it needs! One of these days.....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's For Rednesday

Here is it, another Wednesday another Rednesday, the only day I seem to post anymore! Thank you Sue for giving me a reason to get something on my blog! Make sure to head over to It's a Very Cherry World and see ALL the red loveliness!

I decided it was time to share my vintage Valentine's. I don't have that many, really. I try to buy what a really like. Now if I happened upon a lot of them at a good price, I'd snap them all up, but that hasn't happened yet.The first two are baseball themed. I love all things baseball, so I would probably buy any baseball related Valentine's. These two guys are lonely!
The next one is my absolute FAVORITE! I bought it last year off Etsy. When my husband played baseball the scout that signed him used to call him G-man. A spin-off of our name. Now that my son is playing baseball his nickname has become G-man. It's a pretty good nickname for a baseball, "Get a hit G-man!" So, I about flipped when I saw this one for sale.I love how his jacket pulls back to reveal his heart! So cute!
The last thing I'll share is the quilt I have on my front door. Like the pillow I shared last week, I change this out with the seasons. A girls has to have many places to display her quilts! I even have them in the bathrooms! I have one more Red Heart quilt to share, but I'll save that for next week!

BTW- The quilt is on my floor because I could not get a decent picture of it on the door! Too bad, my door is red, too!
Have a great Rednesday!