Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rednesday - Christmas again?

It has been soooo long since I have posted anything for Rednesday.  I have some pictures taken, it's the motivation I lack.  Well, I have rededicated myself to posting, at least once a week.  C'mon, how hard can that be?  So, last week the garage sales finally started to pay off.  It's now a weekly ritual that my mom, my dad and I hit the sales.  It's a great day.  Coffee, talk and treasure hunting!

One thing I can seem to count on, Christmas.  I always find Christmas items (as my last post confirms.) This week didn't disappoint.  Half my haul was Christmas.

The candle has no cord, but how could I pass it up for 25¢?  The ornaments were a good score, that my mom found before me, but she let me have them, thanks Mom!  The Santa is kind of a sad story.  The lady told me it was her husband's when he was a boy, and now he's 40.  What?  He's too old for Santa?  I gladly took him home.  The dictionary was another 25¢ item.  I plan to use the pages for craft projects and making cards.  The trowel, another 25¢ item!  I hope to make something similar to Jane's towel holder, fun stuff!  I also scored a couple pillow forms, but I didn't think you needed to see a picture of those.

So, not a lot of goodies this week, but enough to wet my appetite.  This week looks to be good.  Lots of sales listed. so I hope I have a really great post for you next week.

In the meantime, make sure you head over to Sue @ It's a Very Cherry World.  Our wonderful Rednesday hostess.  You'll get your red fill for sure!