Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Cheer Goodies on Rednesday!

Yeah!  I have a Rednesday post!

Please spread the love, especially to out gracious host Sue @ Sue Loves Cherries!

Well, it's procrastination that has lead me to sharing my What Cheer finds on Rednesday!  Last Friday Mr. Made and I went to the somewhat well known What Cheer flea market.  Flea markets and auctions are not Mr. Made's favorite things, but he indulges me from time to time.  It seems every time I go I take someone different, this time it happened to be his turn.

So, I figure that 4 of the 7 items I bought have red in qualifies for a Rednesday post!

I LOVE the canister set ( I know a certain hostess will like them, too!)  It wasn't priced so I asked the vendor about the seemed fair to me, so I took it.  Funny thing is, as we were nesting it together she told me she had bought it that morning from another vendor.  I wonder what she paid, cuz seriously, I didn't pay that much!

If you are only interested in might want to end here.........not likely, right?

My other What Cheer find.  I nice chippy cabinet....maybe a little too chippy???  We are down to bare wood in spots.

I'm a bad blogger when it comes to taking pictures, but I managed to get Mr. to take a few...

Here's me at the dollar boxes.  This is the first place to hit!  It is busy at the boxes in the morning.  I went back towards the end of the day and nobody was there.  Of course neither were the things I had passed up....why I struggle with myself over a buck I'll never know!  Note to self: hand wipes are NOT enough. Next time I'm taking gloves.  That stuff is DUSTY!

Anyway, I'm holding my morel mushroom.  Anybody else hunt for morels in the spring?  I also bought the plate and Rudolph book at the dollar boxes.

Some things are just too fun to pass up!  I felt more than a little goofy but I had to have a picture with Spiderman!

Nice picture honey!  Was it really necesary to show me from this angle?

Here we are at the end of the day....tired but still smiling.  It was a good day!

BTW-I will mention our daughter also had a VERY good day.  Even though she wasn't with us she managed to get 34 Pokemon figures and 2 Pokemon jelly glasses!  I'd post a picture, just for fun...but they've already melded into her collection!  She has a lot and we have fun finding them for her!