Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally a Decent Day at the Thrift Store

Yes, finally a decent day. It's been pretty bad at the thrifts around here. No estate sales to speak of, and the one auction I went to on Saturday was less than thrilling. I left empty-handed after a couple hours.

So, it's been so bad that when I saw these fabrics at the Goodwill I wasn't even that excited about them. They were all taped up and I didn't have the ambition to open them up to look more closely. I thought they looked old, but they were in such good shape, I wasn't sure.When I got home my indifference turned to school-girl giddiness! Both have 36" selvages, so they are old! No rips, no stains!The red and black piece is 4 yards.The blue piece is 10 1/2 yards!!! And since not much in my house is blue I will be selling it. Just not sure how or when I will do that. Not too many crafters out there want 10 1/2 yards of one fabric! So maybe I'll do an dutch auction or something.

You know today is Rednesday over at It's a Very Cherry World! . It seems in my drought that Rednesday is the one day I KNOW I can post something. I could let my red and black fabric be my weekly contribution, but I decided to throw in a few other red items.My canisters from an auction last January (I don't think they are very old.) Notice my red scoops inside!My cookbook rack, I bought at a thrift store probably 12 years ago. I immediately painted it RED!These pictures accentuate the fact that I need new counters and a backsplash! I still have the "builder's beige" going on! We keep pushing this project back, but I am hoping to finally tackle this come Fall!

So, now that I've done my part to keep the Rednesday train going. I'm off to check out the other red goodies out there!


  1. Love the canisters! Happy REDnesday!


  2. Happy REDnesday to you, and what an awesome fabric find. You never know...someone may be just waiting to do a huge project with some vintage fabric. That blue is adorable, and the red so bright and crisp looking. I'm a sucker for vintage fabric and have way too much of it.

  3. You were one smart cookie to buy those fabrics! That red and black is so nice and vibrant, and the blue is just plain adorable!
    Nothing much in the thrift stores around here either. No good estate sales either. That's why I've been hitting Ebay real hard! Can't wait 'til garage sales season starts again!
    Happy REDnesday!

  4. I love that pretty blue fabric Shelley with the paddleboat and the couple on their bike, it's just gorgeous ... I'm sure you will have no difficulties selling it ... hey what about cutting it up into fat quarters?
    Happy REDnesday to you!
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  5. Those fabrics are AMAZING! The ladies with their blue parasols are really sweet. Nothing better than 36" wide fabric, is there?

  6. I DO love the red and black fabric, and enjoy your kitchen reds, too!

  7. Thanks for visiting! I do love the black and red. Another favorite color combination. Great fabric finds at Goodwill. What would we do without that store? Honestly, my home is so full of "Goodwill" finds. I love your canisters on the counter. Very pretty. (and practical always helps!) Thanks for your sweet comments and sharing your post on Reds with the rest of us. :-)

  8. Those fabrics are adorable, great find! Love the little counter to book shelf.

    We made it through with just a few limbs down at home yesterday and our power was out for several hours. I know we're weather wimps out here! I saw the ice storm in Des Moines on the news. Hubby has an aunt in Ottumwa so we always pay attention to news from Iowa. Stay safe and warm!

  9. that fabric DOES look vintage! great find!

  10. Oooh..loving those fabrics! Great thrifting!

  11. I love the fabric you found. It definitely looks vintage. I can see those fabrics as aprons. With a vintage-look apron pattern they would have a lot of appeal. Where do you sell your stuff? Do you have a store or do you do e-bay or etsy?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

  12. Love those fabrics--makes me want to learn to sew. Great find!