Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rednesday....The Family Room with Lots of RED!

Since I have missed Rednesday over at Sue's "It's A Very Cherry World." for the past TWO weeks, I though I'd make up for it with a BIG post. I may regret it later when I can't find any RED....but I don't think so!I'm featuring all my RED goodies in our basement family room. It's a HUGE room, like 17' x 36' and it serves as the "rough housing" room in the winter. The kids and hubby would play football, wrestle....whatever. So, I always had to keep in mind, it was all fair game to be broken. Luckily, nothing ever happened and now the kids are 15 and 12. Their "rough housing" days seem to be behind them....for the most part!There is no question this is a RED room with my RED walls!This TV cabinet hubby and I built when we couldn't find one I liked, at a price I wanted to pay. We are NOT carpenters, but the only real drawback, it's HEAVY!I love this corner. The ladder that came from my great uncle was taller, I cut three rungs off and used that smaller section in another room. The quilts from top to bottom are "Braided" Quilt As You Go, "Yellow Brick Road" by Terry Atkinson and Spiderwebs by Fons & Porter. The window was painted by a local artist and bought at craft show. The chair was a garage sale find.This rocker came from the Goodwill before my Goodwill began pricing me out of the market! I painted it RED, of course! The quilt behind I call Amish Basket Weave, I'm not sure if it has another name, but the black says "Amish" to me, even though there are prints in it.
The cornices are another one of my projects. I used insulation Styrofoam sheets and hot glue to make my box and covered it with the pieced "quilt" I designed. It's all Civil War Reproduction fabric. I love the Prairie Points detail. It was my first time trying them.
So, keep in mind, this is HALF the room but the other half is pretty bare....for the "rough housing." I do have a few more REDS over there, but I'll save those for another day!

Happy Rednesday!


  1. Your RED room is fabulous Shelley! I love that cabinet that you built, and those cornices are just perfect. And you've got a wonderful quilt collection too. If I had a great room like that, the rest of the house would become very neglected, because I would spend all of my time there!
    Happy REDnesday!

  2. What a fun room! I have always loved the color red. All of the touches you added to the room are great. I love the cabinet you built, the ladder with the quilts, the it all!

  3. I love your red tv cabinet, even if it is heavy. I don't like my tv's to show. :)


  4. Beautiful REDs ... lovely ambiance created with the quilting!
    Hope to see more next week.
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  5. Oh, my. That cabinet is so charming. You guys did a great job. And the cornice looks so professional. You have a very nice and comfortable family room. Love those quilts.

  6. I love your red rumpus room! Your quilts are beautiful and I love those prairie points. Looks just a warm and welcoming room. Nice work on the TV cabinet too. I'm not brave enough to tackle anything like that.

  7. That's a great room. I think you and your hubby did a very nice job on the TV cabinet. Looks good. I am always in favor of hiding/disguising the TV.

    Susan and Bentley

  8. Love all of your reds!! That TV cabinet is fantastic and you say that you are NOT carpenters?? The quilts are so pretty as is the rocker. Hasn't Goodwill and Salvation Army jacked up their prices?? I thought it was just in my area! Everything is so pretty! Great Rednesday post!!!

  9. I think all that red in the basement is perfect. It makes it a more cheerier place. Good job.

  10. Wonderful Red Family Room !

  11. Shelley,
    You and your husband are two talented people! I just love all of the quilts and such! ANd the TV cabinet, isn't it nice to be able to make something from scratch? I wish my hubby was handy....not even a little, but I love him anyhow! LOL WONDERFUL ROOM!

  12. I love it! And with those big basement windows letting in all that sunlight!