Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Still Here! Got Some Glass to Share.

Hey there my bloggin' buddies!  I know, you know, I've been totally absent from the blogging world this past month.  It wasn't intentional, just life with LOTS of baseball and golf!  I contemplated whether or not to remain in the shadows and refrain from posting today.  It seems any time I am at home I feel pulled in about six different directions and posting is not one I need to add to the list.  I miss it, though.  I miss all of you!  Yesterday I spent SEVEN hours catching up on e-mails and my Google reader (don't tell my husband, he doesn't understand!)  So, for the time being, my slate is clean and I am ready to share!

So, where do I begin?  It's a rainy day, so it's no use taking photos of my newest auction buys.  Let's focus on glass items today.

This is a small pitcher I bought probably 15 years ago at a garage sale.  At the time we were living in Chattanooga, TN.  I paid 50 cents for it and I remember debating whether or not to buy it.  Funny how you remember the weirdest details.  I think I got my money's worth.  A few years ago I saw this same pitcher in Country Living magazine.  It's Blenko glass.

These salt and pepper's are near and dear to me.  These are from my cousin's service station.  They came my way via my great aunt.  She had an incredible salt and pepper collection.  My mom has been selling them for her on Ebay, but she let me have these.

Check out the sides.  Deco stripes.

This is a recent garage sale find.  (The rice is temporary, I thought it might photograph better.)  I fell in love with this jar when I saw it on __________ (fill in the blank.)  I saw it on somebody's blog.....I want to say Sue's or Carol's.  Want to help me out girls?  If my memory is correct, her's didn't have a lid.  Well, mine didn't have a lid either.  I was fairly confident I had a lid at home.  I had to steal it off another (plain) jar, but it worked.

Most of this resides on my Hoosier cabinet.  It has changed a bit since my last photo.  Here's part of it.

Lastly, some milk glass cups.  I do like some milk glass.  I wouldn't say I love these, but I'm in love with idea of these.  I dream that someday I will have a nice luncheon for my friends and in them I will serve an appetizer of tomato basil soup topped with handmade croutons and freshly grated parmesan cheese.  Someday.  'Til then, they are packed away!

I actually have some other posts started and saved as drafts.  So, you should be hearing more from me.  Can you believe it?


  1. Yay, you're back! I just saw your blog on someone's blog roll, and then there you are on my dashboard with a new post! I've come to the conclusion that summer is just not a good time of the year to be blogging, especially if you have small children. Way too many distractions! Those s&p shakers are awesome, especially since they are a family treasure. And yep, it's me that has one of those jars without a lid! Still looking for one that fits better than the one I've got on there now.
    It's so good to see a new post from you Shelley, and you better reserve one of those milk glass cups full of tomato basil soup just for me!
    Happy Monday!

  2. Yay! You're back! Please count me in for that tomato soup luncheon. I adore those gas station salt and peppers - just adore them. I have two of those glass jars (the one you have your rice in) but I'm not sure if they've been on my blog - at least for not a long time. I've seen them on other blogs, too, though, not that I remember where. Hope the sun shines soon so we can see some auction finds!

  3. Your green jug and milk glass tea cups are adorable! Have a sweet day!