Saturday, October 19, 2013

Last of the Halloween Projects

One thing I know about myself, when it comes to many projects, I'm a 90 percenter.  Meaning I get to the point where it's 90% done and I lose interest.  Or I become obsessed with the final details and think I will find the perfect thing to finish.  A lot of times this works in my favor, I do find a great way to get the project done.  Other times, I settle.  So, here are a few of the Halloween crafts I've been holding onto the past two weeks.

My tree.  It needs a lot of work.  I need to join a swap and get some better ornaments!  This year Kenna asked if we could make a popcorn chain, so how could I say no?  She rarely wants to craft with me.

I am happy with my raven from the Dollar tree.  I added the hat and the sash, of course.

My side hutch.  I had to take this picture before my family ate all the M&M's!

I picked up this skull at Walgreens a few years ago.  It's about as goulish as I will go.  It creeps out my friend, Cathy.  I made the Boo blocks a while back.

These are Pumpkin-On-Stick.  I grew these two years ago and dehydrated them.  They were very bountiful, but prickly!  The stems and leaves had some vicious thorns, so I haven't grown them since!

This is one project I obsessed over.  I wanted an x-ray of a human body to put aside my skeleton keys.  I ended up having the best results printing on vellum paper, using the "slow drying ink" and "fast print" options on my printer.  Before this it was putting down too much ink.  Push came to shove and I needed a way to display it.  I settled on a quickly made frame using paint sticks and tacks.  I would love to change this, but for now, it will do.

I had to borrow these skeleton keys from Kenna, she collects such weird stuff for a person of her age!  I stamped out the card, of course.

My mantel is a little bare this year.  I purged a few items after last year.

A photo I embellished.  I struggled for a word add.  Call me strange, but I didn't want to disrespect this lady by using "wicked" or "witchy" so I went with "vexed" and I'm happy with it.

A few jars from an auction box lot.  I found the labels on the internet.  I know the arsenic came from The Graphics Fairy, can't remember where I found the other one!  Notice my spun head girly that I got from Laurie!  Love her!

Last new addition, some cuties from the Dollar Tree!  I like 'em a lot.

That's it.  I probably should have divided this up into at least three posts, but knowing me, it's better to just get it out there!  Hope you all are enjoying this October.  Before we know it, the chill will be here!

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