Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa is Bringing Me Coal

I'm convinced of it.  I have been such a bad blogger.

Maybe I shouldn't feel too sad.

I found most everything here just in the past year.

Funny thing is, it looked like a lot more piled in my storage room.

Now I wish I had bought more...a lot more.

Something to look forward to come January when the auctions heat up again.

Sorry the pictures are a little dark and maybe not cropped quite the way I would like.  After a such long absence I figured I better just get it done!


  1. I love very bit of it and you have it displayed perfectly :->
    xo, suzy

  2. OK, you are a bad blogger but you are an EXCELLENT collector and decorator! Oddly, I just moved something out of my Hoosier so I could put in the exact set of NOEL angels that you have. (Cue the Twilight Zone music!)

  3. No coal for you, Shelley - Santa (and your viewers) will forgive you because of your fabulous display! I love the way you have the jadeite in the fridge dishes! Now, I will be looking forward to your next year's display! Merry Christmas!