Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bigger Than a Breadbox.....Still More Auction Stuff

Well, Halloween is over. My dear daughter loved how her costume turned out. I was less than thrilled, but if she's happy, that's all that matters. It certainly didn't affect her ability to bring in the candy. She came home with ten pounds! Quite an accomplishment for someone only weighing 60! To be honest, she did stop home once to "unload."

That being said, I am now free to continue posting about last weeks auction. As I said, my car was packed full and most things weren't bigger than a breadbox. Well, this one is. I love, love, love this ironing board! I have no idea what I will do with it, but isn't it pretty?Look at the label. In such good condition. And the color? It's perfect!Staying on the laundry theme. Here are some cute little clothespins. Not even big enough for doll clothes. Miniatures with different do-dads attached: mushrooms, flowers, ladybugs, etc.
All these picks (and more) came from one box.

Umbrellas and fruit. I really like the fruit. I will call the orange one a pumpkin, NOT an orange.A group of ladies. Wearing Easter bonnets, don't you think?Assorted minis. The birds are so tiny, maybe 3/8"?
Glass birds. I think I'm going to have to sell some of this stuff. I have no illusions that I will create something with them!Finally, a children's party book from 1923. I fell in love with this.There are illustrations for each holiday with lots of party planning ideas and recipes. (Click on the picture to get a good look.) It's holding together just fine, but the cover along the spine is chewed up a bit. It scares me to handle it too much. I'd like to think of a way to display it.Oh, and I did come home with a breadbox! Nothing too fancy, but I couldn't resist when at the end of the day the auctioneer allowed us to take a pile of left behind items for $1. I grabbed quite a few box lot cast offs for that $1. This being one. Hubby always has a pile of papers next to our phone. I asked him to put them in this. I may jazz it up, somewhere down the road. For now it serves a purpose.
If you can believe it, I still have about a dozen more pictures to share from this one auction. So, stay tuned. I will post them before I go out "hunting" again.


  1. Good grief! The stuff just keeps coming. Those little girl heads are the cutest ones I've ever seen. (Sing out if you're going to sell them!) I sold those exact clothespins on Etsy - maybe with some other stuff? can't quite remember - but they are cute.

  2. I want to tag along with you at your auctions! Awesome stuff....I agree the label on the ironing board totally adds to the charm. I see Barbara beat me with asking if those spun heads are up for sale...totally would love those as well! Really, really great stuff...I am a wee bit jealous.

  3. Well, I came to see your blog since you were so nice to visit mine. I have offic0ally bookmarked you - so I will be back.

    And, I was going to ask about the spun heads too. But, I have been beat out by my fellow crafty women - Barbara and Laurie!

  4. All of your goodies are wonderful and I bet you could get Laurie and Barbara into a bit of a bidding war for those spun heads. :-) Can't wait to see what else you found at the auctions. -amy