Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rednesday Is Here - To Honor Our Veterans

Welcome to the Rednesday on Veteran's Day! This is my first Rednesday. Being a lover of RED this is a perfect match for me. I discovered Sue over at It's A Very Cherry World last week and thought this was right up my alley.I decided NOT to dig through my boxes to find some patriotic red for this day to honor our veterans. Instead, I went with what you hanging around!

This is a quilt I made back in 2001. I believe it came from Better Homes & Garden....don't quote me. Super easy pattern! Just strips of stripes and saw-toothed stars! It's wall hanging size. I like to make them about 60" square. It fills my quilt rack nicely and I change them out with each season.The flag was a challenge to display. I got this one at my BIG auction two weeks ago. It came with a HUGE lot of garden tools, galvanized pails, etc. It has some tears and I'm in a quandry of what to do with it. I know you are suppose to destroy flags no longer fit to fly, but I want to keep it! I just don't know what to do with it. Any suggestions? I'm all ears!
Now getting back to the important message here. I want to say, "Thank you" to all the veterans past and present that have fought for our country. We continue to enjoy all the freedoms of the constitution of the United States of America because of YOU! To my veteran neighbors: Phil (next door), Melvin (behind and to the corner) and the "other" Phil (we share a backyard fence.) Thank you!


  1. I love your quilt, you say it was easy not for me!
    Your flag should be on a pole. I do not need the weather man anymore. I just look at the flag every morning and I know which way the wind is going and how cold it is out.
    Thank for honouring Veterans Day today. My post is all about my dad. He lost his legs in WW11.
    Happy Rednesday Shelley
    Love Claudie

  2. This is a very important day to not forget those who have done so much to give us all the freedom we take for granted! Your quilt is beautiful! Have a wonderful Rednesday. We are remembering here in Canada as well. Instead of Veterans Day we call in Remembrance Day!

  3. That quilt is just gorgeous, and maybe it was easy for you, but I know I couldn't have done a great a job! I tried once to make a quilt, and it turned out horrible! I love that big flag, and after enlarging it, it doesn't look to be in bad shape at all. I say keep it! But then I have a really hard time parting with torn flags myself!
    Happy Rednesday!
    P.S. I love your blog! Think about adding a Follower gadget to your sidebar. I'd hate to miss any of your posts!

  4. That quilt is really something! And I'm with Carol - I think that flag is a keeper.

  5. The quilt is awesome! I need a new flag for our home. When we moved 2 years ago I decided the one we had needed to be retired it was getting sadly faded from the sun.

  6. Nice quilt pattern! As far as the flag goes, to me displaying/hanging is the same as flying it. You are honoring our country just as equally by displaying it proudly in your home!

    Welcome to REDnesday!

  7. I have came back to thank you for stopping by. We are planning on getting around 10 or 12 chicks in the spring. Jeff thinks the hen house is large enough for 8-10. My daughter has one and is down to 3 chickens so if they all live and get too fat I might have to share with her. I did not know that about the red fabric. Thank you for that info so I can pass it along to my daughters later.