Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Story Continues

I've been looking at my auction pictures on my computer. There is no way I'll finish posting about this last auction today. It would be one serious "cloginfer" (this is a technical term used my my in-laws.) Basically an overload.

So, I think I'll try and stick to a theme and keep a few things back for random posts.

I have to show you my table, though. I think it's fabulous and it only set me back $4! I think this would make a fine desk. The day I find a decent file cabinet to replace the one in my current desk, that will happen. In the meantime, it will serve as a picnic table and be used during my annual garage sale.
Lots more paper items to show. These are the most unusual cards. I'm not sure I have them figured out just yet. The back flap contains the gummed envelope edge. So, my guess is you fold the card in half? That way the gummed edge is adhered the the back? Somebody smarter than me can set me straight! Anyway, they are very lightweight. I like this bird image.
Here's the mark on one the cards. They all have identifying numbers.
Lots of stickers, and a random card. I imagine there are lots of uses for these.Cats. Now I don't have anything against cats. I just prefer dogs. Although we have neither. Our family lifestyle isn't conducive to animals. We have a parakeet that we take to my mother's whenever we go out of town. Nuff said. I'll be selling these. I need to research the marks. Anyone want to spare me and give me a clue?A couple pieces of glass I am keeping....for now.

A bowl in the "Sandwich" pattern. What an awful name for such a pretty pattern!A cute little jar. I never get tired of canning jars and containers in general!So, I THINK I'm going to attempt my first estate sale in quite a few years. All the goodies my fellow bloggers have been showing off has convinced me to give them another try. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Oh, definitely go to an estate sale. I have kind of a love-hate thing going with them. Can't help you with the marks, but it's probably some big long German title. Those are wonderful stickers, by the way - they make me a little woozy. That must have been the best auction in the world.

  2. The cats are old german dresdens for scrapbooking. I am not sure the marks will matter all that much.

    Here are some on etsy right now:

    I just bought a whole box of sandwich glass! It is pretty stuff.

  3. I don't know what those marks are but those little kitties are darn cute. Good luck with your estate sale-ing - I'll be curious to hear how it goes. -amy