Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Can I Sneak This In?

It's been sooooo long!  I may be talking to myself and I would be OK with that. It would be fitting, considering I haven't been visiting blogs either, not on a regular basis.  Still here I am, at the very least, keeping a visual record on my "treasures."

I have done a few crafty things in the past year.  I should get around to posting them sometime.  Considering the time of year,  I'll share my more recent projects, Valentine's projects.  So, here we go!

My mantel seems the easiest place to start.  I made these crepe paper flowers this year.  Using THIS tutorial.

I actually made these silhouette portraits of my kids last year, but I never posted them.  These are mounted on two cork-backed coasters bought from the dollar store!

Shhhh!  Don't tell, but these are actually two angels I had out at Christmas.  I think they can fit into multiple holiday decors!  The heart vase was an estate sale buy last year.

A little sparse here.  I wanted to share my favorite "G" man Valentine.  Plus, the easel I made to hold it.

I took a stab at this project after seeing it.....somewhere in blogland.  Not a bad first effort, but it's amazing how difficult it was to bend exactly where you wanted without moving other parts.

So, I don't want to spill everything at once.  I need to keep myself interested, too.  Interested in posting that is!  Check out my previous post if you want to see the banner that is still up, and my anthropomorphic Valentine's.  I wasn't up for the editing my ceiling fan out of those photos another time!


  1. Funny I was just thinking of your blog when reading another with vintage valentines! I used to have kissing angels like yours, brings back memories.

    1. Shelley it's always good to see your pretty things and hear from you? (I apologize for using the 'reply' function; there's something up with blogger that doesn't let you leave comments the usual way, sigh. But I had to say hello!)

  2. Love your Vintage valentine decor! The old silver pieces are perfect! HUM, wonder what that fork will be!