Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Under the Gun!

Well, my foray back into the blogging world hasn't been as seamless as I would have liked.  I've been trying to keep up with Reader, leaving a few comments and I still feel I'm falling short.  It's not helping that, I have TWO blogs, let me tell you.  Still, I am determined to get in this post before Valentine's Day is over!

The Hoosier cabinet was spiffed up a bit, with mostly vintage bird Valentine's.

Hanging them off this ribbon allowed me to show off quite a few.

I was scrambling for an idea for the few baseball themed Valentine's I have.  This idea is very mediocre, but it has potential.  It's a handmade pencil holder I bought at a garage sale for 50¢ and the copper rods that came out of my library card catalog cabinet.  It's been up for a few weeks and I've never taken the time to tweak it....never got a better idea.

Thanks so much to Sonya @ Dime Store Thrift for this wonderful wreath idea.  I finally got around to making one.  The whole time I was constructing it I was certain it would end up in the trash!  I didn't think I had enough bulbs, I was unsure of the bulb placements.  I ended up loving it!  Truth be told, though, my technique leaves a lot to be desired.  When I hung it up, everything shifted and two balls fell off.  Another is broken and still holding on.  This picture is AFTER this happened.....so don't look too close!  I figure I'll fix it after the season.

Whew!  Mission accomplished!  Feels good.

PS- After checking out my post, it seems to me my pictures are blurry.  Plus, the pictures were a bit on the small side.  I changed a few things and made them bigger....are they too big?  I'd love to have your input.


  1. Goodness gracious, I love that Hoosier. The ribbons are genius. I thought your photos looked fine. And I salute your return to the blogging world!

  2. Have I ever seen your Hoosier? It's a real beauty! Love your wreath too. I was all prepared to make one of those, but couldn't figure out what to use for the heart shape. Oh well, I've got a whole year to figure it out! Glad to see you blogging again, Shelley!